I am available for new contracts in January 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked the following questions a lot by recruiters. Please save us both some time and see if I answered your question already.

Are you interested in permanent work?

No, I am only considering contract work at the moment.

Do you have an up to date copy of your CV?

Yes, you can always download the latest version from kevinkuszyk.com/cv.

Can I send your CV to my client?

Please email me first. I keep a list of which clients have my CV. If a client is sent my CV by two or more agencies, it reflects poorly on us all.

How long can I book you for?

I typically take 3 - 6 month contracts.

Can I book you for a smaller piece of work?

If it's a few days consulting, please email me to discuss your requirements. If I can fit it around other client commitments I may be able to help.

When did you update this page?

This page was last updated on 4th November 2019.